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Poll: 4th Tripartite Meeting
During the 4th Tripartite Talk, GJMM has been immensely pressurized to focus only on the creation of Gorkhaland, besides, the conclusion of the Meeting seems to be only TALK on POLITICAL LEVEL in next round. Do you think 4th Tripartite Talk has been successful?
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Hillman's Column

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By Hillman- the analyst on March 23,2009

Electoral Votes

imageHerewith some datas submitted by the Hillman for the public to forecast the future of Darjeeling District Parliamentary elections This is a gallop poll.                                                 1.                        Statistics and Details    A. Total Darjeeling Lok ... [full story]

By Hillman- the analyst on March 15,2009

Constitutional aspect of Darjeeling District

imageApropos A New Dawn fifth column by Mr. Asok Bhattacharya telegraph of 16 January 2008 (the author is Minister Municipal Affairs Govt. of West Bengal). http://www.telegraphindia.com/1080116/jsp/opinion/story_8782704.jsp Regret the reply is belated by a period of ... [full story]

By Hillman- the analyst on March 29,2009

Apropos ‘Fight Morcha with your vote: Buddha’

imageApropos ‘Fight Morcha with your vote: Buddha’ Telegraph 29 March 2009 It was only rhetoric enough on the part of the CM Mr. Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, training the guns at GJMM, asking the party workers in Siliguri instilling them to ... [full story]

By Hillman- the analyst on March 30,2009

Hillman’s response to respective posts

imageHillman’s response to respective posts  24/25/27/28 March 2009 herein under. Post Ha Ha 25 March 2009. Ha Ha in return to Gallup-polls which meaning according to the Concise Oxford Dictionary = assessment of public opinion by questioning representative sample, ... [full story]

By Hillman- the analyst on March 30,2009

Appros Post Lazy Daisy

imageAppros Post   Lazy  Daisy,   29.3.2009 It   is probable Anmole Prasad, a successful lawyer may be the right person as the future MP designate to unravel the hidden Constitutional secret leading to statehood, which as such still remains hidden till ... [full story]

By Hillman- the analyst on March 25,2009

Hillman's Responses to post Gorkhs Daju and Post Lazy Daisy

imageResponse to post The final round by Gorkhs Daju Gorkhs Daju has excelled in the literary aspect of the article but requires fine tuning the tone and lessening the volume conspicuous of Bhartiya Gorkha Parisangh (BGP) commentary of the ... [full story]

By Hillman- the analyst on March 27,2009

Responses to post a Gorkhay blood , Gaidey Buddi and Lazy Daisy

imageResponse to post  a Gorkhay blood , Gaidey Buddi and   Lazy Daisy. 26.3.2009 Hillman regards “ A Gorkhay blood”  for being transparently  pragmatic. A receptive mind willing to learn rather than teach. Learning itself if taught properly and ... [full story]

By Hillman- the analyst on March 14,2009

Response to post, A Gorkhay Blood

imageResponse to post, A Gorkhay Blood of 11 March 2009 Master and servant is a class distinction even which the fundamentals of religious institutions, example Dr. Ambedkar’s tryst with neo-Buddhism to instantly convert thousands of his Dalit compatriots, in ... [full story]

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