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Poll: 4th Tripartite Meeting
During the 4th Tripartite Talk, GJMM has been immensely pressurized to focus only on the creation of Gorkhaland, besides, the conclusion of the Meeting seems to be only TALK on POLITICAL LEVEL in next round. Do you think 4th Tripartite Talk has been successful?
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Call for Gorkhaland renewed

By DT Correspondent on October 07,2007

Darjeeling: As the popular saying goes “it was the straw that broke the camel’s back….” Bimal Gurung, the charismatic and popular Singamari-Tukvar samasty councilor seems to have had enough of GNLF leadership and their empty promises including that of Party Chairman and hitherto unchallenged Mr. Subash Ghising. Speaking today at a huge public rally at Old Super Market, Darjeeling, Mr. Gurung renewed the call for a separate state of Gorkhaland.

Mr. Gurung today launched a new political group “Gorkha Janmukit Moracha”, and he has called for people across political lines to join this group so that the hills can speak with one voice to attain Gorkhaland.

It was evident today that he was not alone, in support of his call various political and apolitical figures including school teachers had come from different parts of the Darjeeling Hills. People had traveled from as far as Rimbick Lodhoma to Todey-Tangta in Kalimpong to show solidarity with Mr, Gurung and his call. Even from within the GNLF  supporting him are various so called ‘rebel’ leaders prominent among them being Mr. Dinesh Gurung (a.k.a. karate kaila), councilor ward no 26.

Politics does produce strange bed fellows, it was a treat to see the AGSU President Mr. Roshan Giri share the same dais with Mr. Gurung. It is to be remembered that AGSU was at loggerheads with GNLF, and always felt threatened by Mr. Gurung and his followers. Mr. Giri said that “we welcome the dedication and commitment shown by Mr. Gurung and we support him wholeheartedly”. Similar sentiments were echoed by various members of the Darjeeling Bar Association.

The main theme of today’s rally was not just to renew the call for a separate state of Gorkhaland but also to make people aware that Mr. Ghising is no more the sole Champion of the people of the hills or their aspirations. Speaking in this respect Mr. Gurung said “I have always worked sincerely for my people and will continue to do so……… “ referring to the assassination of Mr. C.K. Pradhan, Mr. Gurung said that “everyone knows who murdered Mr. Pradhan, the only entity which remains uninformed seems to be the State Government, hence, we demand for an impartial C B I inquiry into the matter”. Further Mr. Gurung said that “do not take me to be like other GNLF leaders who will surrender meekly, do not even think of murdering me……. I have already dedicated my life for my community and even if I die there will be a 1000 thousand more Bimal Gurungs tomorrow.”

Mr. Gurung also added “we are lucky to be born in the land of Mahatma Gandhi and we do not need to be violent, a separate state is our right and we shall attain it peacefully.”

By looking at the show of strength as support that has flown in from all corners of the Darjeeling Hills, people expect some kind of political turmoil in the coming days. As one senior reporter quipped “the days of the Ek Chatra Raj are long gone, finally Darjeeling seems to have woken up from its slumber.”

Diwaskar Chettri and Shailendra Mani Pradhan,
Correspondents, DT

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comment Comments (69 posted)
  • image I am very pleased to know that Bimal Gurung is determined to give Gorkhas’ statehood under the umbrella of Indian constitution. What I believe, we Gorkha’s are ignorant and not aggressive. To fight any Nation in this universe we are not lacking behind. We have the brave shoulders working in British army and Indian Army. I think its time that we Gorkhas’ unite and fight for one cause i.e Gorkhakland. My Blood of my people ...... can not compromise
    (Posted by Arun Ghishing, February 9, 2009, 10:13 PM)
  • image source : beacononline NOW YOUR WAR IS OVER. Statehood activists may be reminded that most statehood demands are more emotional than logical. Stay with your emotions bcause your demand is not logical and ground realities are not properly investigated. ONLY LOGICAL SOLUTION IS : Giving Darjeeiing back to Sikkim, it would restore the historical unity of this region. Old Sikkim was the land of the Bhutias and Lepchas; the future Sikim would be a Nepali-dominated state of the Indian Union, which would respond to the frustrations of the Nepalis of India and defuse today’s tensions. If Darjeeling and Sikkim were to be united, as they were in the past, it would create a Nepali-majority state that has economic clout, with culture to match. The historical partitioning was hardly strategic and had to do with the British need for a sanatorium in the hills. On the other hand, Darjeeling and Sikkim share the same history and geography, and today they also share the same language and ethnicities.Darjeeling, would provide the economic and cultural backbone of the new state to a degree that is out of the reach of present-day Sikkim. Once they are assured of an honourable home in the Indian Union, the Indian Nepalis, who are culturally sophisticated, will immediately undergo a cultural resurgence.
    (Posted by beakon online, December 1, 2008, 9:41 PM)
  • image The Akhil Bharatiya Adivasi Vikash Parishad has called a 24-hour strike in the Dooars and the Terai on Thursday, demanding Sixth Schedule status for the region and protesting against the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha’s move to include the areas into Gorkhaland. “On July 17, we submitted a 13-point charter to the state and central governments and set a deadline of 90 days to fulfil the demands,” said Rajesh Lakra, the secretary of the Dooars-Terai Coordination Committee of the Parishad, today. “As the administration has not responded, despite a couple of reminders, we have decided to observe the strike.” Healthcare, airline, army, media and other essential services have been kept outside the purview of the strike, Lakra said. The Parishad charter of demands also included opening of closed tea estates, construction of East-West corridor through the Dooars and setting question papers of the Madhyamik exams in Hindi from 2009.
    (Posted by M Tamang, October 14, 2008, 4:13 PM)
  • image Why you are not raising the similiar demand of Gorkhaland within the Nepal and Britain. Before demanding it from India your gorkhali bhai must raise it from those countries.
    (Posted by P lama, October 14, 2008, 1:39 PM)
  • image Dont speak like a favicol man...India will be India, even if we have 50 states..as patriotism counts..not a petty physical boundaries... Remember, amio Bangali...I want to see equality of status in India in real sense.. Bengals are enjoying in Bengal, Marathi in Maharasthra, Bihari in Bihar, Panjabi in Panjab...where is the equality for Gorkhas/Rajbangsis etc.... Let them have Gorkhaland. If we think too many states divide India, we should first disolve our own West Bengal....we should ask all other states to dissolve their existing states too... Why cant we live as one INDIA? If we cant live as Bengal, we have no write to supress Gorkhaland demand..
    (Posted by Sumantra, October 11, 2008, 3:32 AM)
  • image Lies galore! Bengal government has always cooperated with elected bodies. In fact Bimal gurung is trying to become the father of a new state which is imptractical. How the question of 1907 arise. India was in the hands of British then. Since then so many states has undergone so many changes. Does it mean that West Bengal should be reunited with East Bengal? Bimal is working as an agent of foreign vested interests. If a small state with an area less than 1000 square KM is created then hundreds of such states has to be created for other ethnic communities in India. This will then be the begining of disintegration of India and that is what exactly Bimal wants. If he is sincere, he can demand integration of Darjeeling into Sikkim which too is a land of Nepalis.
    (Posted by Birsha Munda, October 5, 2008, 8:08 PM)
  • image 1. WE MUST KNOW : WHAT IS GAINING ? Madan Tamang said, “GJM has become the new avatar of Ghisingh. The Sixth Schedule is still alive. This is what we are trying to tell the people. Since election is coming, GJM leaders went to Delhi and quietly got their party registered with the election commission. This was the very party which had told us that they do not need to get registered since they were not interested in elections. Now then since they had so called dedicated themselves entirely to Gorkhaland why did they get registered for election. This is because they are preparing for election. But then which election are they preparing for?” Are they preparing for election to be held under the West Bengal Municipal Act? Or under Panchayat Act or under Hill Development Act? Elections to the Council are done under Hill Development Act. There are pointers to incoming elections.” Alleging that Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council caretaker Chairman, B. L. Meena has gifted furnitures worth 12 lakhs to the leaders of Gorkha Janmukti Morcha, Tamang said, “12 Lakhs worth furnitures were gifted by B. L. Meena to GJM leaders. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones around. I do not speak without facts.” Speaking out on the issue of politics, he said, “Politics is both competition and collaboration. Why get all worked out when you get a little bit of competition. Subash Ghisingh’s mentality will not work in Darjeeling Hills now.” Offering his best wishes for the Durga Puja celebrations to the people, he said, “All India Gorkha League will organise a huge public meeting after the festivals. Addressing to the situation that unfolded at Bijanbari yesterday, where a function organised by Bijanbari People’s Cultural Association was to be addressed by R. B. Rai, former Parliamentarian and General Secretary, Communist Party of Revolutionary Marxists and C. K. Shrestha, Working President of Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh, Tamang said, “The function could not take place as Gorkha Janmukti Yuva Morcha suddenly called for a strike in Bijanbari. They were ordered to call for a strike on Sunday because GJM bosses at Darjeeling did not wanted R. B. Rai and C. K. Shrestha to meet or address the people. Why did they call for strike on Sunday all Government Offices are already closed on that day. Bimal Gurung has also said that now all other pro-Gorkhaland parties’ chapter has closed. What is that? This will only lead to destructive tendancy. There are a lot of things that are going on and smacks of conspiracy. Why did Amar Lama and Anmol Prasad went to visit West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadev Bhattacharya after the Delhi Tripartite Meeting? What was the motive behind this secret meeting? The people needs answers. GJM has declared that they will release the 51 page memorandum submitted to the Central Government though internet. How many people in Darjeeling have access to Internet? People who receive 1200 per month after toiling at the Tea Gardens do they go home and check their email or gather wood for dinner.” Informing the people about a massive amount of money being distributed among contractors in the futures, Tamang said, “On the 3rd of October around 30 crores will be paid to the contractors for various projects. No one knows about the projects undertaken with this money. Or when and where they were initiated. It is strange that out of the blue 30 crores will be distributed to contractors for projects which does not exist, which resulted from no tender notifications and which essentially defies all logic. I think B. L. Meena and West Bengal Government has a lot to answer…it does seem like a big payofff.
    (Posted by Birsha Munda, October 3, 2008, 12:36 PM)
  • image DISCUSSION ON GREATER NEPAL BETWEEN MONOJ PANDIT & BIMAL GURUNG. Dear Manoj Pandit Jee, Namaste and thanks for your prompt response. Let us keep the discussions relevant to your topic of the ‘Greater Nepal.’ Allow me to make a few comments on your writing. Pandit : what do you think we have got from 1950 treaty?an open border,although not mentioned in the treaty but every body assumed and then border is unmanaged. The biggest drawback and we are affected in the indo-nepal relationship is the so called opened but I will say unmanaged border through a lot of unseen problem has been produced. may be you think the open border between us is a productive,I will suggest you to revise the ideology,I can give you its merit and lot of demerits. so you are for the migrant nepali workers in india ?it has to be discussed whether it has been very productive for the national output. Comment: I really do not know much about the 1950 treaty to make any judgment. However, it is not relevant to the concept of the greater Nepal. Yes, we need to know whether border being open (or unmanaged) is good or bad. I do not know the answer to the question. However, I would suggest a study by competent office before declaring any. I can imagine lots of Indian nationals coming in, and same time lots of Nepalese going to India also. I would not jump to the conclusion without some thought and survey on it. Pandit : why do you think it is not the right time to raise the issue about national problem? when will be the time?who decide what time is right-when you don,t have the nation?there is written that every time is right to raise your voice for your Rights.now is the best time to expose all the wrong that happened in the history.Pardon me there had been lot of unjustice happened to Nepal as nation and to nepalise people.so what long time we wait for the right time. Comment: I think right time is when Maoist problem is solved and the regular democratic practice is in place. At this time, we even do not have a functioning constitution, let alone a properly elected government. This is my definition of right or wrong time. What is yours? Yes, I am sure there are many injustices done. All you need to do is spell out exactly what are they? How and in what context such injustices happened? Who are the culprits and victims? What do you propose to do in today’s context? Perhaps people of Kumaon and Garhwal may also have grievance against recurrent Gurkha invasion before British occupation. Unless you have spelled out properly and conceptualize a feasible plan, there is no point in wild goose chase. Pandit : Plese,take this words that a nation is being encrypted by treaties,you might have heard sikkim smash and it is done by the treaty.so very important all the treaties that had been done by the worst ruler in the past has to be revived or cancealed.so the 1950s treaty has to be first reviewed,then if necessary cancealed it which will be better for the future of nepal. TO YOUR INFORMATION WHAT YOU READ AS THE TREATY PAPER IS NOT ENOUGH TO UNDERSTAND THE TREATY,THERE IS A SECRET LETTER WITH IT WHICH HAD PUT NEPAL IN CRISIS AND NEPAL BEING INDIA’S SUBSTATE. For that do you think, what controls our political decision,commerce,transportation,water resources,sometimes foreign affairs and political changes in Nepal?so I request you to awake about the consequences and review about the history. Comment: I do not know what you mean by ‘encrypted by treaty.’ However, I understand that you are against 1950 treaty. I do not know enough about all the ramifications of it to pass judgment. However, I would suggest a discussion in an open public forum. Also let us not forget that Nepal is a land locked and poor country. In the present condition, it will be very difficult for us to make the border a standard international type. Perhaps Nepal can propose to India a new concept where all the interests are addressed. If India still wants to impose their vision, then we have a legitimate grievance. However, the key is the good home work first. Yes, it is indeed to my information that a secret letter exist. If you know about the secret letter, then it is not really a secret letter, is it? Since I do not know about it, please do educate me. What is it and how is it detrimental to Nepal ? How does a secret letter make Nepal a vassal to India? By the way, I am sure there are lots and lots of secret letters in world. So far they have not bothered me. I am rather worried about public legal letters. Just for argument, say King Mahendra signed such secret letter to the detriment of Nepal . And by the stretch of imagination King Birendra is also obliged to it. However, how will that deter democratically elected leaders? I would think the political, economic and other decisions are too complex to be decided by any single person. I do not think even Mahendra or Prithvi Narayan Shah can claim that. I understand you are alluding to India being such entity. Here again, I think best thing to do is to study Indian interests, and spell out where Indian and Nepalese interests compliment and contradict. That way we can have a better deal or negotiation. I am against knee jerk blame India game. It only makes us idiots. Again, first thing to do is good home work. Can you spell out exactly what are Indian interests and how are they detrimental to our interests? Remember, there is always some give and take. Thus, we need to know exactly what are ‘gives and takes.’ ‘Waking up’ means understanding all the issues first. Pandit :as for the suguali treaty/YES/we need to have positive thinking on it,nomatter how many years it will take,the dream will come true but we have to be stronmg enough to raise our voice,make the whole world know it and we go on pursuaing it. Nomatter what profile it is now,the territory of sugauli treaty is our RIGHTS and you never hesisate to acknowledge your RIGHTS.I have tried to put forward our historic RIGHTS and make people aware of it hoping in coming generation s big achivement will be in diagram of nepal. why do you think it is a problem?why?This issue is not a problem,it is our RIGHTS::: people from those states?lets have election first and we will have the result. It is not India to give the land it is us to demand our land,if we don’t do it then nobody is going to give you anything. Comment: Regarding the pre-Sugaoli land, I think there are three issues involved. First and foremost – what legal basis do we have, which can stand in an international court? Second is the political issue - do people living in those areas think themselves as Nepalese today and wants to join Nepal? Mind you that India is conducting elections in those areas since her independence. What if they think them selves Indian and laugh at your proposal? Are we so economically advanced that we can provide them with better economic opportunity as incentives? Third is the historical issue - was there a country called Nepal with pre-Sugaoli border long enough to make an entity recognized in history and in people’s collective memory? In my opinion, undefined Nepal existed all the way from the ‘ Mahabharat’ time. However, the seed of modern Nepal is planted by Prithvi Narayan Shah when he won Kathmandu valley in 1768. Then it was a matter of expansion and conquest of Nepalese-Gurkha army. Nepal expanded up to the river Kali by 1790. Nepal conquered Kumaoun\Garhwal in 1803. In 1814 Nepal lost these part to British forces and in 1816 Sugaoli treaty it was recognized. Nepal controlled the areas only for a few years and perhaps not long enough to make a nationalist case. If you look it from the historical perspective of Indian Uttaranchal state, a dozen years of Gurkha rule may be only a small foot note. This is the history of the 19th century where conquering land by force was a legitimate politics. It is not relevant today, where politics is about citizens ruling themselves. However, it is a matter of historical research and I do not have enough background on it. By the way, how do you propose to ‘demand’ land from India? Are you going to international court first, or merely write a letter to India? Or I hope not, attack India with a very sharp Khukri? If you do, please do not expect me to follow. My opinion is to take care of the present ‘Mechi – Mahakali’ Nepal first. Which we, sadly, are not doing good job; let alone dream of the greater Nepal. We have to be careful what we dream of. What if Palpa (annexed in 1804) wants to be an independent country? And also Baishe, Chaubise? What if China claims suzerainty over Nepal? They may be able to produce some old and forgotten documents. Being realistic and practical is not anti-national. To commit without thinking through is. Pandit : UNNECESSARY? what is necessary for you? may be your necessity is different from us? Comment: Yes, your and my definitions of ‘necessary’ are different. However, neither of them qualifies to be the ‘necessity’ of Nepal . The national interest should be defined either through referendum or through legitimate political parties. I do suggest first to take a sample opinion survey of people living in Kumaon\Garhwal if they think themselves as Nepali, not Indian; and if they want to join Nepal ; and then to take the case to any of the existing parties. If any party thinks it a good cause, then great. My kudos to you. Pandit: I want all the injustice to my nation being provoked first and solved then.so if you think India is doing everything great for nepal and India is parents for us then lets drop the idea of discussing on 1950s treaty and sugauli treaty. Comment: How do you ‘provoke’ injustice? I do not want to provoke any. Yes, I am all for solving each and every problem. However, first you have to define exactly what are the problems? Vague ideas of perceived injustices will not do? You have to spell them out. Then you have to make proposals which address all the legitimate interests and injustices. Not I, but you wrote, ” India is doing everything great for Nepal and India is parents for us.” By the way, your issue of ‘ India is father or not’ is not relevant to the issue of greater Nepal. Pandit: Do you know what RAW is doing in Nepal? why do you think any nationalist though is supported by ISI.? PLEASE TAKE MY WORD THAT MOST OF NEPALISE HAVE THIS URGE TO RAISE THE VOICE BUT DUE TO A LOT OF SURROUNDING PROBLEM THEY CAN’T AND WHOEVER CAN THEY ARE PERSONS TO BE APPRECIATED NOT PUTTING HALLMARK, lot of people have sold their soul not to raise the national issue so it is very difficult to stand for nation and i am fighting on it. Comment: No, I do not know what ‘RAW’ is doing in Nepal. They do not tell me. Please do educate me. Before you tell me about the RAW activities, please establish the relevance of RAW with the issue of the Greater Nepal. If we are planning to attack Kumaon secretly then perhaps we have to watch out RAW. If RAW can read your web site with a flick of mouse using internet, then how is RAW relevant? No, I did not accuse any body being ISI agent. Wisdom is ‘not to accuse without any evidence’ and also ‘think of all possibilities.’ It is a common knowledge that Pakistan is bent on bleeding India with thousand cuts, their stated policy. Cases like Khalistan, SIMI are not Pakistan created, while case like Kashmir is. In all the cases Pakistan is trying to hurt India . Pakistan is not anti-Nepal, but anti-India. To tell the truth, Pakistan is not even anti-India, but anti-Hindu. In the process of hurting India if they can use Nepal, she will. And in the process if Nepal, a kafir country, suffers, then well and good. For example, Pakistan is using Kathmandu as a route to send her agents and counterfeit Indian currency to India. Matter of fact, Nepal is obliged to make 500 IC Rs. illegal. I have also read articles on Kashmir by a ‘Bahun lady?’, which is merely Pakistan’s official version. That is, we have to be careful. Regardless of Pakistan, if you really think we have a case against Sugauli treaty then let a lawyer make at least a prima facie case, which can stand in the International court. Politicizing the issue is the last thing you want to do. Pandit : Sir, this is my answer to your previous mail,i hope you will have all the qns being answered. if not put forward on me. i will write on your second mail next Comment: I do look forward to. Manoj pandit http://www.greaternepal.com
    (Posted by Birsha Munda, October 3, 2008, 12:33 PM)
  • image Whatever we do....keep peace..or...go for violation...the reality is that...its all about the GOOD vision of our current political leaders who are leading the yet another Gorkhaland agitation..and hard work from their side...if they fail to satisfy the Central Govt....everything will collapse...We Gorkhas are very sipmle yet "very RAW".We were 200% die-hard supporters of Gorkhaland in 1986's Gorkhaland agitation but what we received...a Consolation prize called DGHC...due to failure of our political leader( dont want to name them..we all know the history).and now we select some political leader for leading Grokhaland agitation and supporting it....but...can we believe about someting new change????...Its totally depend upon our leaders...their good VISION( you know..good vision means..not selling one's existence in crore rupees)....lets see for the future...hope we will get our long waited GORKHALAND soon...
    (Posted by K K TAMANG, September 25, 2008, 1:05 PM)
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