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Poll: 4th Tripartite Meeting
During the 4th Tripartite Talk, GJMM has been immensely pressurized to focus only on the creation of Gorkhaland, besides, the conclusion of the Meeting seems to be only TALK on POLITICAL LEVEL in next round. Do you think 4th Tripartite Talk has been successful?
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Ashoke Bhattacharya visits for landslides assessment

By DT Correspondent on June 10,2009

Kurseong June 10: A sum of Rs. 50,000 will be immediately sanctioned by the state government as grant for repair of damaged houses that had been struck by cyclone Aila on May 26. This was announced by Urban Development and Municipal Affairs Minister Ashoke Bhattacharya here today after a meeting held with the civic heads of four hill Municipalities along with the District Magistrate Surendra Gupta.

As per the assessment of the hill municipalities there are a total 225 houses which are totally damaged in the hills due to the cyclone. We have decided to grant a sum of Rs.50, 000 per house immediately through the civic bodies. The civic bodies will strictly monitor the repair and the utilization of the fund in a proper way, Bhattacharya told Journalist after the meeting at Inspection Bunglow.

Out of the 225 houses 26 houses fall in Kurseong, 20 houses in Mirik, 162 houses in Darjeeling and 17 houses in Kalimpong.

Along with the grant, the minister said that the meeting also decided that the municipalities will immediately clean the Jhoras and the drains in the municipal areas to avoid further landslides in the region. A special fund would be sanctioned for the cause as per the requirement of the municipalities, he said.

The water pipelines and the roads in the municipal areas are also in a pathetic condition and hence the minister said a minimum repair would also be done at the earliest along the strengthening of the walls with the help of Municipal Engineering directorate. However the Minister lamented that the civic building rules have not been followed in all the four hill municipalities.

It is urgently required that the building rules of the Municipal areas be followed. For this we have decided to hold a workshop in Kurseong very soon in which the four municipalities would be involved. The Kurseong Municipality Chairman Krishna Limbu has been given the responsibility to organize it. We will invite experts from Calcutta to deliver speeches on building rules and tell people through the workshop the hazardous impact of not following the rules, Bhattacharya said.

After the meeting the Minister visited the Kutlery area where the cyclone Aila had killed five people of the same family on May 26. Bhattacharya also visited Landslides areas in Mirik 35 km from here today.

Bhusan Chettri kurseong, DT correspondent, Kurseong

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comment Comments (3 posted)
  • image Some reality checks: once upon a time, we bengalis were famous for our intellectual capacities……………. This was recognized throughout INDIA. Be it in our role during the freedom movement, be it in our involvement in the development of science, arts and culture, cinema and music, governance, etc, during the pre-independent and immediate post independent India, bengalis were shining everywhere. Indian statesman Gopalakrishna Gokhale once said -- "..what Bengal thinks today, India thinks tomorrow". Alas, those days have long gone. Presently, Bengalis can’t talk with others----they don’t know English (courtesy CPIM), they lag in modern education and research------they resisted introduction of computers even a few years ago (courtesy CPIM), brilliant Bengali students either moving out---- since there is no work culture (courtesy CPIM), or are forced to teach in small schools (via SSC) and act as people who recruit cadres (courtesy CPIM), schools and colleges are full of politics (courtesy CPIM). The factories have all shut down (courtesy CPIM), tea gardens are closed (courtesy CPIM), the workers forced to beg, their women are going to brothels (courtesy CPIM), collection of chanda and promotery are the only two industries in the state (courtesy CPIM), CPIM goondas living like kings (courtesy CPIM), anarchy everywhere (courtesy CPIM). Go anywhere in the country, all the rang (colour) mistris, carpenters, electric fitters, daily wage labourers------- all seem to be Bengalis……………..what an evolution!!!!!!!!!!!! Now the common people have started revolting…….great to see…. Revolution in red Bengal…… revolts everywhere…….. However, the public of Siliguri (for some unknown reason) would do no harm to their leader, Ashok Bhattacharya……. Hence, we appeal to our Nepali brothers that whenever this Bhattacharya visits the hills again, take him to a room and lock it from outside. Do anything, but please ensure that he doesn’t return to Siliguri….. See, you have got rid of Ghishing, now we wan’t this beast off………… This would be a big UPKAAR to the Bengali community.
    (Posted by banglar ma mati manus, June 17, 2009, 5:31 PM)
  • image Why does Mr. Bimal Gurung (BG) prove again and again that he is Mr. Ashok Bhattacharya’s (AB) best friend? Every time AB and his party falls in a ditch, BG is there to help……… . Consider the situation in mid 2008: BG successfully engineered the non cooperation movement against the CPIM Government that made the local CPIM leaders puzzled and perplexed to a great extent. AB did not know what to do…… . Soon after, BG came out with the great DOSTANA thing…….., he ordered tourists to move out of the hills. OOOO ……., how happy was AB……, he got an issue at last……, tourists were being driven out of Darjeeling, Darjeeling was unsafe for tourists, Bengalis, and so on…….. AB successfully campaigned in the plains against the GJMM and against the trends of the entire state, The CPIM got sooooo many votes in Siliguri area…… . Now, after the Loksabha results and the cyclone……….., the CPIM leaders are puzzled again……, they are being chased, beaten everywhere, even the other Bhattacharya (that one riding the autorikshaw) was gheraoed when he went to Sunderbans….. . So many protests happening everywhere and AB suddenly visits Kurseong (& takes photographers with him to take and print those photos). Now, again AB will come to the plains insisting that he (and CPIM) are the only people who can work among the people of the hills and plains simultaneously……., BG can argue that he did not want to indulge in politics over a natural disaster……, my question is if AB (or for the matter, BG) are so sincere, they could send doctors, engineers, repair workers……… , What help can AB do himself??? Besides, he has put up so much weight, that if he keeps on going to the hills, there will be more landslides…….. One important question: does the state have any disaster management programme???? My last note: this is for BG……, if AB manages to win the 2011 state elections from Siliguri, the people of Bengal will not forget you (and your DOSTANA)…….. Yours…., SUSMITA
    (Posted by SUSMITA, June 16, 2009, 4:53 PM)
  • image Why Asoke is indulging with us (foreigners)? He has howled so many times that Dj's Gorkhas are all foreigners. He is just here to symbolize that Dj is helpless without their support. But he must understand that we are aware that the money is coming from Central treasury and not from Bengal. Their own account is in shambles. We are well aware of Crocodile's tears.
    (Posted by Rai Pushpa, June 12, 2009, 8:23 AM)
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